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Business Plan

Home Business Plan



  • New Joining Process : Adding card, pan card, bank details, will be given in your joining Free and you are done. SALES EXECUTIVE, after that you have to make only two people in the entire lifetime of the company, which will be a LEFT SIDE, and a RIGHT SIDE, if your third person meets your DOWN LINE, will have to help. In this company, a person will get only one ID which will remain the whole life.

  • Binary Income Plan : To take advantage of the BINARY INCOME PLAN : You will have to buy your Choice product of Rs. 3000/- for a minimum amount of Rs. 3 thousand on your ID. Then after the minimum amount of Rs. 3000 in LEFT SIDE and MARKETING COMPLETE of Rs. 3000 in RIGHT SIDE. You will pay 400 rupees per pair to the company.
    EXAMPLE : 1:1 = 400 per pair can earn Rs. Two (2) lakh (Caping) per month from this income.

  • Re Purchase Binary Income : 1:1 = 400 per pair To take advantage of this income, you will need to bundle your Choice product of Rs. Three Thousand Rupees on your Id, then a LEFT SIDE will have a minimum of Rs. 3000 and one RIGHT on the SIDE, you will get a COMPANY payment of Rs. 400 per pair,after the market price of Rs. 3000 /-will be COMPLETE.
    EXAMPLE : 1:1 = 400 per pair can earn up to Two (2) lakh rupees (Caping) per month from this income.

  • Reward Income :
    • SALES EXECUTIVE and for all. MONTHALY SALLERY 15 pairs will get 5000 rupees (Caping) separately : TIME LIMIT-END OF EVERY MONTH
      EXAMPLE : 15:15

  • Royality Income : You get DIRECTOR when you get 2500 pairs to get this income, COMPANY T.O. 5% of the monthly withdrawal will be given equal value in the ROYALITY holder until COMPANY remains. No limit on this income is determined. This INCOME can be very big in the future.

Note : To join COMPANY, call the MR. PRAMOD KUMAR MOB. : 6207610457
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