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  • To organise, run, maintain, operate, promote the business of interior decorators : furniture and carpet designers and manufacturers, boutiques, operators of fashion centres, fashion shows, and to make, acquire, deal in any way in handicrafts, objects of art, precious stones, jewellery, whether artificial or otherwise, and articles wherein precious metals or precious stones may be used, in textile fabrics, and to manufacture and deal in any products as are dealt in by boutiques, fashion shows and interior decorators.
  • To carry on business as manufacturers of an dealers in all kinds of proprietary products, hair, skin, nail and other beauty preparations, deodorants, aerosol and pump spray products, baby products, petroleum and mineral oil products, chemicals, acids and alkalis, all kinds of perfumery and other compound, preparations, materials and products, bath products, care products, cotton swabs, family planning appliances, hair dyes, pigments, varnishes, essential oils, detergents, insecticides, oil oleaginous, vaporaceous, saponaceous substances, beauty specialties, preparations, aids and accessories of every description whether medicated, antiseptic or not, unguents, ingredients of accessories thereof and other materials or things capable of being used in connection with such manner, factor or business.
  • To carry on business as manufacturers of , and dealers in , all kinds of raw and finished cosmetics, perfumes and essences, dentifrices, lotions, extracts, greases, creams, salves, ointments, pomades, powders, unguents, eau de cologne, toilet requisites and preparations, cleansing compounds.
  • To carry on business as manufacturers of, and dealers in all types of packing materials, containers, receptacles, boxes, cartons, cases, drums, eages, bins, jars, carboys, tubes, crates, packing cases, cans, bottles, vials and fittings thereof of every kind and to manufacture and deal in paper, plastic, Bakelite, celluloid, glass, wood, plywood, hardboard, strawboard and boards of all other description and any other material whether chemically treated or not, used for the manufacture of any of the aforesaid articles.
  • To carry on the business as manufactures of any dealers in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, and other products in the form of aerosol, to undertake production of raw materials and components such as propellants, valves, containers, bottles, etc. required for manufacture of aerosol, to undertake such ancillary activities or to procure from the marker service for plastics coating of bottles, printing of bottles etc. required for manufacture of aerosol.
  • To carry on the business of online shopping, marketing of consumer and other goods, advertising and marketing, creating virtual malls, stores, shops, creating shopping catalogues, providing secured payment processing, net commerce solutions for business to business and business to consumers, online trading in and outside India but does not include banking and money circulating business.