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We Deal in furnitures , carpet designers , manufacturers, boutiques, operators of fashion centres, fashion shows, and to make, acquire, deal in any way in handicrafts, objects of art, precious stones, jewellery, whether artificial or otherwise, and articles wherein precious metals or precious stones may be used, in textile fabrics, and to manufacture and deal in any products as are dealt in by boutiques, fashion shows and interior decorators

To carry on business as manufacturers of , and dealers in , all kinds of raw and finished cosmetics, perfumes and essences, dentifrices, lotions, extracts, greases, creams, salves, ointments, pomades, powders, unguents, eau de cologne, toilet requisites and preparations, cleansing compounds.

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  • Dear friends, today all the world is going through a modern era, as well as the era of 21 st Century one experiment. In this world, new developments are taking place in whole world including the development of this world. For nearly 15 years, I am trying to provide prosperity and employment to the young people of India. The problem of poverty, and unemployment in our country of India is very extreme. And it is very painful for the youth power here. If you see the development model of all the world's countries, then one thing obviously is that Direct Selling has been an important contributor to the development of any country.
  • Due to direct selling, G.D.P. of many countries I have seen huge growth.
  • Friends are from the 21st Century Direct Selling Market. From this there was no proper guide line due to direct selling, due to which many companies were doing their business unconstitutionally. But not it is not that IDSA / WFDSA is about direct selling. The proper guide line has been released. Now, no company is automatically out of the market. It is immensely pleased to tell you that by me there is a strong company whose name is in accordance with the official guideline. I have established HALLABOLL Marketing (O.P.C.) Pvt. Ltd. Which will stand on all the parameters issued by the government. You want to assure that the company is a completely product based company. There is no money rotation business in this company.
  • The temptation is not to make a person special. Neither the company promises to make any person a rich person. The company gives commission, rewards and royalty to its customers and sales experts in terms of quality product selling. From time to time, I promise to give a discount. My purpose is to remove unemployment from countries such as India and India, and work for every hand. Here buyer can buy product of your choice, such as Fashion, Boutique, Readymade Garments, Healthcare, Home Care, Personal Care, Beauty Care, Skin and Cosmetic etc.
  • By joining this company and working, you can remove your unemployment, change your lifestyle, then let's do a small effort in the development of India so that the unemployment problem can be eradicated from this country; your cooperation in this campaign is expected.
  • We wish you a bright future. Hearty affection with good luck.


Brij Mohan Kumar (Gyanendra)
Chief & Managing Director